The Performing Arts Dance Emphasis is an innovative and bold program for the 21st century. Created in the digital age, the emphasis fosters ingenuity through collaborative dance experiences. Expert faculty are active in commercial and theatrical dance industries giving students real world perspective and opportunities. The Dance Emphasis is one of the few academic programs where the focus is on the American multicultural genres of Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance.

Dance is a global art form that transcends spoken language. At CI we recognize the many pathways our students have taken to dance. We believe in a diverse dance community and welcome all levels and experiences.

The ever-changing dance landscape requires the movement artist to be ready to explore new concepts and vocabularies. CI's expert faculty believe training should be based in biomechanical function that supports any genre, style, or career trajectory in dance. The versatility, strength, and artistic elasticity achieved by CI dancers not only prepares them for the unknown dance future but to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance forms are rooted in the multicultural tapestry of the United States and are the foundational techniques of the program. Staying current and global, the dance emphasis continually adds genres for students to explore. Curriculum is expanding to include Tap, Ballet, and Global Dance forms.

Dance can be a life-long and fulfilling career. There are opportunities in education, therapy, business management and many more. Courses such as Conditioning for Dancers, Teaching Dance to Children, and participating in productions such as Arts Under The Stars prepares students for a career in various fields of dance.

The Performing Arts Dance emphasis will prepare the students for a career in wide array of dance-related opportunities including professional dancer (film, television, theatrical, industrial, theme-park, cruise ship etc.), choreographer, educator(commercial studio, k-12, higher-ed), agent, adjudicator, therapist, dance critic, producer, studio owner, dance photographer/videographer, dance film director, dance arts management and a host of other possibilities.

Curriculum and flowchart (PDF, 39.4KB)

Summary of Units for a major in Performing Arts - Dance

Lower Division Major Requirements 12
Upper Division Requirements 27
Additional General Education and other Graduation Requirements 81
Total Units 120

Performing Arts - Dance Required Courses

Lower Division Requirements - 12 units

PADA 151 - Conditioning for Dancers Units: 2
PADA 232 - Early Dance History Units: 3
PADA 255 - Dance Composition and Improvisation Units: 3

Select one from the following (Introductory Dance Technique):

PADA 253 - Jazz Dance I Units: 2
PADA 254 - Modern Dance I Units: 2

Select one from the following (Lower Division Dance Electives):

PADA 251 - Cirque Elements In Dance Units: 2
PADA 252 - Advanced Conditioning for Dancers Units: 2
PADA 256 - Hip Hop Units: 2

Upper Division Requirements - 27 units

PA 303 - Advanced Collaboration Workshop Units: 3
PA 499 - Performing Arts Capstone Units: 3
PADA 332 - Dance In History Units: 3
PADA 353 - Jazz Dance II Units: 3
PADA 354 - Modern Dance II Units: 3

Select one from the following (Upper Division Dance Electives):

PADA 343 - Teaching Dance to Children Units: 3
PADA 355 - Advanced Choreography Units: 3

Select one from the following (Advanced Technique):

PADA 453 - Jazz Dance III Units: 3
PADA 454 - Modern Dance III Units: 3

Select one from the following (Dance Performance):

PADA 455 - Advanced Technique Of Contemporary Dance Forms Units: 3
PADA 458 - Dance Ensemble Units: 3

Select one from the following:

PA 390 - Events Units: 3
PA 391 - Production (Cross-listed as ART 391) Units: 3

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