Geoff Emerick 1945-2018

Performing Arts remembers friend of the program, Geoff Emerick. Four-time GRAMMY award winner and former Beatles engineer, Geoff Emerick collaborated closely with our PA program. We initially brought Geoff in as a guest artist nine years ago for the PAMU/ART 231 Beatles courses at CI. Our relationship quickly evolved and soon Mr. Emerick was a guest speaker in the PAMU 200 History of Rock class, the PAMU 385 Audio Design and Recording class, where he listened to student’s midterm and final projects and gave constructive criticism, and the PAMU 310 Contemporary Music Ensemble, where students performed their midterm for Geoff for an off-campus community event we did with Mr. Emerick, and students “auditioned” for the recording projects that Geoff engineered and produced. Mr. Emerick also participated in several other campus events including the 2017 Songwriting Contest, where he was one of the honorary judges, along with CI President Erika Beck, PA faculty members, and Television Composer, Grant Geissman, Geoff was honored at the 2018 Arts Under the Stars event, where he was presented with an award from President Beck and our CI students. The last two PA Student Showcase CD recordings were recorded and mixed with Mr. Emerick at the prestigious LAFX studios in Los Angeles, and Geoff, and former Capitol Records engineer, Bill Smith, recorded a spring 2018 concert of the Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra, and the PAMU 307 University Chorus for our most recent CD. Mr. Emerick has had a profound and direct impact on thousands of CI students over the years, and we want to thank him for all that he has done for our campus.

PA faculty member, Paul Murphy recently did a presentation tribute honoring Geoff Emerick and his collaboration with CI at an International Beatles Conference at Monmouth University. We in Performing Arts were honored to have worked so closely with him over the years. Rest in peace, Geoff Emerick.


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Geoff Emerick in the studio.

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