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Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Program at California State University Channel Islands offers a broad, integrated undergraduate experience in music, theatre, and dance, with attention to the relatively new fields of audience and performance studies. The core courses provide the base necessary for building an educational and professional career in the performing arts. Core courses offer experience in each of the three major areas of the performing arts--Dance, Music and Theatre--with special attention to current and future trends. Students also choose an emphasis to follow through one of the following areas:

The Performing Arts degree program stresses interdisciplinary, multicultural, international, and community engagement, as described in the University Mission statement. In addition to gaining expertise and experience in their chosen fields of Dance, Music, or Theater, students will gain interdisciplinary experience in the performing arts, with education and experience in the intersections between the fields.


The Performing Arts major will prepare students for further study and for entry into the performing arts professions.

Program Learning Outcomes

Performing Arts students will develop their abilities to think critically, analyze written and visual texts, express themselves effectively in written, physical and spoken forms, and to apply multiple theoretical perspectives to their own performances and the performances of others.

Students graduating from the Performing Arts program will be able to:

For additional information about Performing Arts courses please refer to the University Catalog.

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