The Capstone course represents the ultimate application and integration of Performing Arts majors' knowledge, skills, and experience. Students conceive, research, and realize hands-on projects that constitute a final preparation for applying their expertise in dance, music, or theatre in real-world settings after graduation.

Recent Capstone project have included collaboration with CI Community Partners with the support of the Center for Community Engagement.

Theatre students have designed and performed projects in local middle schools for BRITE (formerly Straight Up / Reality Improv), told stories about adopted dogs for the Canine Adoption and Rescue League (C.A.R.L.) and co-wrote, staged and performed in an original Teatro Campesino-style acto (short play) performed as the culmination of CI's Farmworker Immersion Program.

Music students have arranged and performed sets at Alma Via of Camarillo, arranged and conducted for New West Symphony Orchestra's outreach program The Harmony Project, and taught African drumming at the Annex after school program in Oxnard.

Dance students choreographed and taught classes at the Camarillo Boys and Girl's Club, and designed and led movement therapy-based stress-reduction workshops at CI's Relay for Life.

All Capstone projects develop out of interdisciplinary research by the project leads and involve collaboration among Capstone students of all emphases.

Capstone Project Websites

Spring 2022

Community Partner: BRITE

Michela Villierme - Dance

Steven Holguin - Theatre

Nickolas Currenton - Dance

Adrian Silvestre, Austin Morgan, Ozzy Hernandez - Theatre

Simon Reyes - Music

Mike Biscoe - Music

Community Partner: Unity Theatre Company

TJ Ramirez & Gissele Mora - Theatre

Rae McQueen - Theatre

Community Partner: C.A.R.L.

Daniel Nunes, DJ Martinez, Joshua Salvatierra, & Josh Valadez - Music

Spring 2021 (mostly remote)

Community Partner: DCVC

Andreya Martinez - Theatre

Melina Ortega and Pablo Baltazar - Dance

Community Partner: Harmony Project

Trevor Linam - Music

Community Partner: C.A.R.L.

David Bellos - Music

Alexa Kurdelak - Theatre

Community Partner: BRITE

Tyler Baethe - Theatre

Morgan Henderson - Theatre

Ahriana Levingston - Theatre

Sabrina Moreno - Music

Celestine Munson - Dance

Nikki Roxette Palumpon - Theatre

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