Arts Under the Stars is an annual, free, outdoor extravaganza, featuring multimedia performances surrounding a theme.  Teams of student researchers, artists, and performers collaborate to bring the event together.  The 8th annual Arts Under the Stars theme is “Metamorphosis.” Chosen by the Center for Integrative studies, the idea of "metamorphosis" can involve exploring changes and transformations within and across multiple disciplines.

Arts Under The Stars is a free outdoor event that showcases art in many forms - including multimedia performances, live music, dancing, and short plays. Student researchers, artists, and performers have collaborated to create this event which will showcase their talents and views on empathy. For anyone who is more comfortable reading or speaking in Spanish, our program, website, and video content will be presented in both English and Spanish.

Call for Proposals

Do you have a research or creative idea? Ideas can come from any program, department, club, faculty, staff, or student on campus. If you can present your idea in a poster, AUTS can bring it to life! If your proposal is accepted, there are many avenues to share your research with creative teams, or even lead the creative team yourself. Learn more at the AUTS 2019 website.

Proposals are due December 9, 2018 at 11:59 PM. Proposals can be a range of ideas, research,  & service. The theme of METAMORPHOSIS can be broadly applied.

Call for Leaders and Developers

Want to be on a creative team? Collaborate on a piece, plan the event, develop marketing? If you are interested in collaborating as a film maker, choreographer, actor, dancer, musician, composer, performer,  sculptor, costume designer, artist, graphic designer, etc. AUTS needs and wants your creative input to create a unique event that reflects the integrative and special community that is CI. If you are interested in implementing a research idea as a creative artist and collaborating with artists in other disciplines, please submit an application highlighting your skills and ideas! Leaders in development, planning, research and creative arts are needed to collaborate and bring the individual presentations and the entire event into focus. Learn more at the AUTS 2019 website.

Call for Performers, Artists, Disrupters - EVERYONE who WANTS to come play

Do you skateboard, create visual art, sing, dance, act, practice martial arts, recite poetry, make robots do cool things,  hula-hoop, translate materials, write code, want make AUTS more accessible, or just want to help with AUTS?  If you have a talent you want to contribute- join us! Depending on your role, this can be a face to face course or an asynchronous project based approach. 

Find out more at the AUTS 2019 website

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