The Performing Arts Music emphasis is an exciting program that specializes in individualized attention from exceptional faculty who challenge the students to achieve their best. We offer extensive training in Music Theory, Sight-Singing and Aural Skills, and offer diverse ensembles for students to gain important performance experience. Our dedicated faculty know each and every one of our students and this unique individualized special training is the hallmark of our program.

We offer fun and challenging music lecture courses like The Beatles, History of Rock, Jazz in America, World Music, Music in History, and Music Theory, with each of these courses featuring esteemed visiting guest artists from the nearby Los Angeles area and beyond. There are also many opportunities for students to collaborate in and outside of their major with courses like Integrating Dance, Music and Theatre, Advanced Collaboration Workshop, Production, and the Senior Capstone class. Students in the University Chorus have the opportunity to perform annually with professional orchestral musicians both on and off campus.

The Performing Arts Music emphasis will prepare the student for a career in a wide array of music-related opportunities including: studio and touring musician, music producer, studio engineer, sideline musician, music class instructor, music fundamentals and theory teacher, private lesson instructor, DJ, music tech person, corporate positions in the music business, record label owner, studio owner, songwriter, arranger, retail music sales and a host of other possibilities.

Curriculum and flowchart (PDF, 41.6KB)

Summary of Units for a major in Performing Arts - Music

Lower Division Major Requirements 10
Upper Division Major Requirements 29
Additional General Education and other Graduation Requirements 81
Total Units 120

Performing Arts - Music Required Courses

Lower Division Requirements - 10 units

PAMU 109 - Private Lessons Units: 1 (complete 2 semesters)
PAMU 161 - Music Fundamentals Units: 3
PAMU 261 - Music Theory I Units: 3
PAMU 262 - Aural Skills I Units: 2

Upper Division Requirements - 29 units

PA 303 - Advanced Collaboration Workshop Units: 3
PA 499 - Performing Arts Capstone Units: 3
PAMU 309 - Private Lessons Units: 1 (complete 2 semesters)
PAMU 337 - Music In History Units: 3
PAMU 361 - Advanced Music Theory and Analysis I Units: 3
PAMU 362 - Aural Skills II Units: 2
PAMU 461 - Advanced Music Theory and Analysis II Units: 3

Select one from the following:

PA 390 - Events Units: 3
PA 391 - Production (Cross-listed as ART 391) Units: 3

Select one from the following:

PAMU 335 - The Physics of Music (Cross-listed as PHYS 335) Units: 3
PAMU 385 - Audio Design And Recording (Cross-listed as ART 385) Units: 3
PAMU 435 - The Music Museum (Cross-listed as BUS 435, ECON 435, EDUC 435) Units: 3

Ensemble Requirement - 4 units

Complete four units in any combination from the following:

PAMU 305 - Guitar Ensemble Units: 1
PAMU 306 - Chamber Ensemble Units: 1
PAMU 307 - University Chorus Units: 1
PAMU 310 - Contemporary Music Ensemble Units: 1

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